In order to ..

Provide  top quality, fully supported, risk- and cost- controlled  I.T.  solutions to enterprises,

We use our Resources; Human, Technical & Financial,
“To stay at the peak of SaaS-Provider Value-to-Customers”
SaaS: “Software as a Service”


Services Include:

    • Engaging customers in an “Agile Development Process”, where you have the final say on pass/fail/rework-Status of each Module as it is submitted by our Development Team. Access to test facilities is via simple, secure web portal
    • Each Package fully integrates all modules down to financial (or other) transaction level
    • We insist on employing Elastos Blockchains as the basis for our Accounting Journals
    • Sales and order-tracking, Purchases and order-tracking, Inventory/ Stock
    • Full CRM tools; + Payroll powered by employees’ own Interface + Comprehensive Business Process Tracking Layer
    • Charging and Invoicing, Electronic recognition & accounting for Revenue using Bank Web Services (machine-to-machine), Bills Received and Bill Payments (including barcode scanning, Batch BPay and other transaction types)
    • Factory Process Scheduling, Recording, Quality & Control Systems and Interfaces
    • Simple, automated Tax and Super: STS, SuperStream
    • Automated Banking: Regular Receipts and Payments via XML statement exchanges using web services. Your application looks after connecting, cross-loading data to/from Banks, and doing the bookkeeping. Includes automated Reconciliations
    • Master Ledgers incl Trust Accounting and Tenants Ledgers; provision for Group Companies and Cost Centre Accounting by using a 3-tiered “Class” System in each transaction.
    • No limit on number of individual classes in any Tier. Provision for increasing number of Tiers upwards from 3
    • Provision for Branches and multiple Departments/Levels in recording and reporting information, including integrated Payroll and Human Resources Modules
    • Consulting in System Architecture and Software Design regarding facilities and other asset control, recording, response, scheduling & inspection systems (eg Facilities Management, Repairs and Maintenance, Other Asset Management)
    • Project and Job Estimating and Scheduling
    • Landed cost and shipment tracking
    • Automated/Overridable JIT Inventory Management
    • Foreign Currency capacity
    • Supply-side: Automated checking of credentials; Licences, Insurance, etc
    • Sleek Top-level Management Dashboards
    • Mobile Phones and Tablets are Integrated with Entire Application, including 100% of application-based Activities, real-world Tasks Planning and Reminders, Contacts and Calendars.
    • Individualised, context-sensitive ‘Push’ Notifications to remind you of the caller’s details (if set as ‘required’ – eg less frequent callers)
    • Targeted and Ethical e-Marketing with our ActiveLink Services
    • ‘Infini-Flex’ business reporting and intelligence (OLAP). Puts you in the Reporting Driver’s Seat.
    • Assistance with report design and building is available through our Tech Support Desk
    • Secure cloud-based databases (networked to deny access to everything except the webserver) with Elastos DApp interface (Carrier Network) which presents no discoverable or connectable web socket connections to the webserver to users/devices/apps/systems from outside your company.
    • Mobile database access for 100% of Use Cases from Android and iOS Native Apps – available free to download for registered users from the app stores
    • Fully integrated & interactive budgeting & cash forecasting. Reports export to & import from Microsoft Excel™
    • Database design and implementation using Permissioned Blockchains connected to Backend Databases
    • Multiple levels of security based on the Revolutionary Elastos Smart Web
    • Seamless cross-loading of legacy Data
    • Standard (Mon-Sat 9-8 Sydney Time) or Premium (24/7) Live Support
    • 24 x 7 x 52 Operation
    • No Training Needed. Applications are user-friendly and intuitive. Tech Support Desk offers assistance with report design and building, and any other issues
    • We are SaaS (Software as a Service) Providers – Development Co$t Negotiable – … Note that Alliances of similar or related Businesses can save a lot of money and enable otherwise unaffordable solutions! It is possible for us to be flexible enough to encompass your requirements – right across your alliance – in one database or several. Contact Us to negotiate development and ongoing prices. All our systems include permanent tech support for all clients. There is a General Standard Enterprise Application Backend including Permissioned Blockchain, available soon, for License @ $AUD $120,500.00 per month per network plus $AUD$33,500.00 per ‘Member-Class’ per Month (Adaptable, Standardised “Basis”)., Including Sales/CRM, Payroll, Inventory, e-Marketing and much more). We help you develop your own Front end by extending our core template in JavaScript, tuning your design to your target market. Your Front End accesses our Backend gRPC’s via the internet, using the Elastos Carrier ultra-secure communications system. ITCSA will soon also offer Real Estate & Community Housing Enterprise Applications for $AUD 57.95 per user (REA) & 100.00 (CHP) per User per Month.