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Our software is based on the ultra secure and revolutionary Elastos Distributed Blockchain System. You may see our Security page for further details regarding the Elastos Smart Web and its strengths.

In the Deal Room (“Let’s Talk” button below) you can register and after discussions, view our monthly Business Plan (detailing monthly cash flows for 6.5 years from commencement of coding of Front End).

Basically we are attempting to raise approximately $400,000 AUD to complete development of Cheirrs. The 400k will secure a 13% share in the company, with an expected after-tax Return Rate for the 400k (ie 13% Share) being in excess of 150% P.A. compounding across 6 years. The future also bodes well. Firstly, one of the major drivers of profit is the potential margin in the Land Title Registration Market for our convey-IT. By launching Cheirrs first we can develop Chubba Morris and convey-IT upon the revenue. Gross Revenue from Land Title Transactions alone, for our company, is predicted to be increasing by more than $14,000 each month, continuously, on the back of direct sales to Solicitors, and evidence-based, conservative & quantitative predictions of word-of-mouth recommendations amongst Solicitors ie we are expecting to achieve one extra sign-up per direct sale to a solicitor by word of mouth on average. Further, our company specialises in building and deploying Enterprise Accounting Distributed Applications on BlockChains, and as such we are experienced in building “fully normalised” databases (for connection to blockchains, and otherwise) and in working with teams of front end and middleware developers, employing formal (plain English) use case descriptions, screen mock-ups and data-maps, to convey our customers’ requirements. Real Estate Property based applications do not constitute our entire potential, as reference to other pages here will show.

This is far from a “vacuous” plan. We have definite sales strategies and targets, with “Conservative”, “Planned” and “Target” sales success predictions built in as variables, dependent upon various sales success rates across regions and cities. The Chubba Morris/convey-IT Sales Force is affordable with Cheirrs revenue.

We have completed coding of the database structure with over 600 tables (in PostgreSQL postgres secure database ) for Cheirrs and Chubba Morris (& soon for convey-IT), ready to deploy in connection with Elastos SideChains of our own. Many of the 400+ use case views and trigger functions are yet to be completed but are on track. Despite limited resources, the pilot edition front end UI’s are progressing. We have a fully functioning database/webserver/carrier/blockchain/front end connection, where requests can be issued to the webserver, and responses from the database received and read, as expected. We are currently coding the Business Process Design System including interfaces to define Contract and Business Process Types in the database, which will lead to completion of an initial, and very fundamental set of Use Cases (based on the Accounting System and Smart Contracts in Ethereum). This can be considered ‘Proof of Concept’ stage. Having added Smart Contract coding experience to our core team, we will soon be able to demonstrate several working Use Cases from their Front End GUIs (in these cases, the various parties’ GUI’s) as Contracts are enacted, via an Elastos TestNet Ethereum SideChain, through to Back End database information storage, following the rules for multi-party Transactional Accounting. Records of the transaction traces on the blockchains will be visible. The demonstration system will be a pilot system or Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

ITCSA also has a secret component to our skills and products, which will produce innovative ideas and real-world applications.

The above development means we are also on the verge of completing the groundwork for ‘The General’. Consequently we are nearly in a position, after we have validated the operation of the accounting system, to offer The General as a DApp (Distributed Application) for license, with no preference between the Housing, Real Estate and Title Transfer projects (equity-funded at $400,000) and The General (leased with initial costs), in terms of “first starter”. Chubba Morris and convey-IT are dependent on the prior commencement of Cheirrs or The General (ie at least one Business Network).

The core Accounting System (our Block ‘n’ Tackle™ ) forms the basis for extensive native integrations within the applications. This includes all systems and tables on the database. It means, say, the Human Resources and Payroll Systems are not divorced from the rest of the system’s data (or each other), as well as many other integrations naturally occurring, including asset management budgets and development budgets integrated with overall P & L and Cash Budgets. Do it once only! The Elastos Carrier system allows dispensing (where possible) with insecure email communications in favour of the web-socket-safe “Elastos Carrier Worldwide Network” of ultra-secure inter-node communication.




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