Chubba Morris

A Realtor’s Dream

Chubba Morris

Personal Tech Help Included


   Meet Milo, the guy with the Hard Hat and spanner.
He’s our mascot – helping us build our flagship Chubba Morris
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The Chubba Morris Package
  • General and Mobile services such as Secure User Logins and Role Authorisations
  • Access to our Reirrs © Database
  • As Chubba is our Flagship, the Development Costs to Real Estate Agencies are on us!

    REAL ESTATE for Sale or Lease

    increase sales

    Productivity Gains
    Better Targeted Marketing

    The Chubba Morris Package:


  • Real Estate Property-Based
  • ‘Multi-Tenant’ package (in a different sense)
  • Employs a Common BlockChain System,Reirrs [© IT Cloud Solutions Australia]
  • Uses a Role system to cater for Staff and other Users

  • Inexpensive, Reliable: OPEN SOURCE– & DEVICE– BASED
  • Being “Mobile-First” developers means your application will work properly for Use Cases on iOS and Android mobile devices, and on desktop and laptop computers
  • Our sage use of GO and JavaScript and their non-blocking input/output means your app is very quick

  • The modern ability to scale-up on the
    Elastos Smart Web
    upon demand means the application is always responsive, preventing slow and blocked systems
  • Please refer to “Productivity Gains and Better Targeted Marketing” for details of Chubba’s Services
  • See also Mobile First Development for further details..
  • With over 300 individual Use Cases

    chubba morris


  • Your Tech Help and Support Desk will be available
    9am – 8pm Mon – Sat Sydney Time,
    offering help with your application, including report design and building
  • Chubba Morris will be operating 24/7 all year long barring Technical Issues
  • “Software as a Service”
  • We employ the services of qualified, experienced and practising Real Estate Agents and Solicitors as our consultant “Beta-Testers”, in a continuous feedback process.We are constantly tuning the application and database.

  • You may assess the services we provide, using the full extent of the functionality attached to the (free, non-obligation) “Initial Sandbox Trial Period” (1 month) in order to become fully aware of what we are offering, that is, after Chubba Morris is launched.


    We do not count your Customers as “Users” of our system, just you and your employees.
    IT CloudSolutions Australia