Our Agreements

Our Agreements:

  1.   IT Cloud Solutions ensures our Policies and Procedures conform to the Australian Federal Government’s 13 Principles of Information Privacy
  2.   IT Cloud Solutions guarantees to provide Total Quality Assurance to each customer organisation. TQA (Total Quality Assurance) means problems and ideas for improvements will be taken seriously and acted upon in a timely and appropriate way as detailed in the section on Precedence and Criticality Requirements in the formal Service Level Agreement.
  3.   A comprehensive process of consultation about the business(es) forms the basis for lists detailing the variety of tasks the system must perform, the rules to be applied and the data required to be recorded and reported-on. Formally linked documents specify the detail and scope of each project
  4.   Accuracy and correctness of financial accounting systems will be completely verified by an independent expert before production deployment
  5.   Accuracy and correctness of organisational and functional business management will be verified in trials by experienced workers over a period before production deployment
  6.   Accuracy, functionality and correctness of auditors interface will be verified by an independent expert before production deployment
  7.   The necessary parts of your existing “legacy” data will be crossloaded to our system, after you have arranged for your own “data-cleansing”. All data is guaranteed to be retained indefinitely, or, for an agreed period on the database and reported accurately (IT Cloud Solutions acts as custodian of data)
  8.   All data is copied and archived as a normal part of Blockchain and Enterprise Database operation and will continue to be accessible through the application provided by IT Cloud Solutions Australia
  9.   At the present stage, ITCSA intends to situate our centralised cloud servers in Google Data Centres in Sydney and London, enabling node redundancies globally as well as shorter local internet response times
  10.   All forecasting reports (e.g. in OLAP modules and within Business Intelligence systems) are offered as guides in strategic planning, but it may not be taken that future values of any quantity are guaranteed in any way by any forecast or prediction and your Organisation always needs to be prudent in planning and risk analysis.
  11.   At IT Cloud Solutions we continually monitor and improve our framework and processes for managing risk to ISO31000:2018 Standard for Risk Management in Organisations. This includes ensuring the continued provision of Data Security and Business Continuity into the future
  12.   ITCSA supports the International Accounting Standard IFRS.
  13.   We offer Australia-Wide coverage.Our Tech Support Desk is available Mon-Sat 9-8 Sydney Time/9-5 London Time (or Premium 24/7) for help in using your application, including assistance with report design and building.