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  • With ITCSA Enterprise Applications You Get…

    Improved Productivity


  • Unbeatable Elastos Security
  • Better Targeted Marketing **
  • Time Savings
  • Better Protection from Fraud
  • Easier to meet Compliance requirements
  • Automated Inter- and Intra- Business ‘Smart Contracts’ (Transactions)
  • Multiple Party Transactions are possible
  • Improved Reporting Capacities and
  • Reduced Costs
  • With our Apps, Personal Tech Help is included, to keep you afloat and sailing straight ..

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    ..helping you avoid this….

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    Before you contact us to negotiate the development cost of your new application, check The General’s pages for a Standard Enterprise App Backend, (free of many Backend Development Costs) with:
  • Automated Invoicing, Charging, Receipts, Banking, Bill Entry & Payment
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Integrated Google Tasks/Reminders & Calendar
  • Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Job Estimation and Scheduling
  • We cover factories generally with Quality Inspection data fields in key tables and at key points in your processes (as part of Job Scheduling & Production; as part of the acceptance process of all Input deliveries; and before dispatch of Outputs)
  • Order-Tracking (both Sales & Purchase Orders)
  • Asset Inspection and Maintenance
  • Payroll/SuperStream/STS
  • Fully integrated Human Resources module
  • Inventory/Stock

    This is the basis for the Backend only of The General, and is provided by ITCSA, incorporating an Elastos Blockchain System plus Elastos Hive (IPFS) document, image, audio and video storage on Elastos file servers. We provide the RPC’s to access the system, however it is the responsibility of Licencees of The General to develop, market and operate their own product (in the form of a Front End JavaScript application in connection with our Python Middleware) on their leased Blockchain for a Fee of $AUD$120,500 per month per network plus $AUD$33,500 per ‘Network-Member-Class’ per month. See The General’s page for how prices break down per Business Member. ITCSA is available to take over the development of Fronts and Middleware. In any case, ITCSA will provide a comprehensive base application, which forms the entire necessary set of elements for a general enterprise trading, production, maintenance, leasing, purchasing, distribution and sales Ledger. Clients specialise according to their own concepts and target Business Network markets.

    ITCSA provides full support to ensure the success of your and our venture.

    We also offer a specialised Realtor’s Application (free of Development Costs)
    “A Property-Based Real Estate Agent’s Enterprise Application”


    personal tech help

    Open the door to more effective working…

    For more Specialised Industries:

    “We get together and define the Use Cases (the range of things you want the system to do, in your own terms – ie in Plain English). A detailed document is prepared and signed specifying all System Requirements. We get the database organised, at the expense of ITCSA, checked and rechecked. Your development investment dollars pay for our Senior Engineer and his team to get the Use Cases encoded and compiled based on their Plain English text versions. You are at the helm of trials, as each unit is compiled and pre-tested by ITCSA, pending approval-at-trial by you. You control the Pass/Fail/Rework status of every unit. et Voila! The Key is Turned.”
    Remember that Alliances of related Businesses can save a lot of money and enable otherwise unaffordable solutions!

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    Upon completion of Development, ongoing price is negotiable on a per-user per-month basis (eg Chubba Morris) for simple systems, up to more expensive networks with one Build Team allocated per site (eg The General). Includes all updates and upgrades necessary for secure and effective functioning of your system. Existing members of a Business Alliance determine their own policies guiding entry of new members to their system, post-development.
    Please refer to About Your Data for further details on charging and data conversion


    IT CloudSolutions Australia

    * “Better Targeted Marketing” where appropriate and possible.

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