About Your Data

We are able to import your ‘legacy’ data, from existing systems, freely, on an individual basis. If you agree to a contract with us, we will contact you to initiate the process of converting your data to our systems, and of course to develop your Distributed Application. When the data conversion job is complete, you will “go live” (ie start recording data) commencing your “Onboard Live Now” status. We charge you – in arrears for each calendar-month (ie first charge at end of first month) – based on the maximum number of users registered with us in that month.

You will need to have completed a process of
your own data
of duplicates, mis-spelled “non-duplicate” duplicates, incorrect items of various types, and any known extant errors, before exporting your essential data including closing and opening balances etc.(usually as a set of .csv files). This is your chance to start fresh and get it right!

chuck norris


Our databases are designed as “multi-tenant” structures such that many businesses share the same database (or many databases) with a distinguishing Business Channel Number attached to each record transacted. The BCN is your own stamp of ownership on your records. Your BCN is created upon registration of your organisation with us. This is a simple system of separating Business’ data reliably, and is all that is needed. Locations of Data Storage and Web Servers are Google London and Sydney Cloud Data Centres.

Every customer retains the right to reverse their decision to join us at any time and we promise to revert all transactions, including the intervening period’s transactions (since joining), to the form in which we obtained it (usually as a set of .csv files) so that they can be imported back to your preferred database system(s). In case there would be data loss by importing to your old system, we also can provide as part of the service a generic database data dump in whichever format you choose.

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