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A Standard Enterprise Application Backend

Licences Offered Now!

The General,
is an application that runs as an open and adaptable system. It’s Accounting with Payroll and Inventory Management (plus Purchase & Sales order Tracking).
Included is a Generalised Asset Maintenance Scheduling, Inspection and Response System. Factory production scheduling and quality assurance are also covered. We can help you achieve a high degree of embedded trust and automation using “the Internet Of Things”

The General utilises Permissioned Blockchains to enable advanced, auditable Trading in Services, Commodities and Items (Goods) including the production, quality control, sale and distribution, or leasing of (possibly complex) items from Farm, Mine, Quarry, Mill, Nursery, Market, & Factory-Networks, through Wholesale-Networks, to Retail-Networks and Consumers. Items can contain up to six layers of complexity, in a scope which may easily be increased to suit your needs.

Governance of a Network is of utmost importance, in many ways, and needs to be embedded in the development process as much as in production.

  • Our Blockchains are well suited to Industrie 4.0 Solutions, using IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence
  • As host of your network, we can provide Project Management, and coding and other support, for a Watson IoT AI or Industrie 4.0 Solution, at negotiable rates

  • Trades Service People and other Service Providers can utilise the system as if it were a simple cloud-based, mobile-enabled system
  • Bolting-on capacities in cooperation with ITCSA is entirely possible, at negotiable rates
  • The advantages of Blockchains include

  • a fundamental immutability of transactions, even for documents referenced on a Block but stored elsewhere (eg S3 Storage)
  • Also, many parties can be involved in automatically validating (or otherwise) each contract or transaction (“Smart Contracts”)
  • With an inter-business networked system employing Smart Contracts, productivity is increased and lost time minimised, because each transaction’s details (due to smart contract action and reliability) are indisputable and will not need to be checked by other parties to the transaction, on behalf of their trading partners
  • All parties to each transaction possess all appropriate details (and only appropriate details for each party)
  • A Blockchain may be fully networked with other traders & authorities, partially networked, or operated as a “singleton” network
  • Digital currencies (eg Stellar’s “Lumens” or Ripple’s “XRP”) can be integrated with our blockchains to greatly facilitate cross-border financial transactions
  • Real Machines, Devices and Objects can become part of the Internet Of Things, enabling Automatic Quality/Other Control Smart Contracts
  • These contracts can be integrated into a production/distribution or maintenance system
  • Other advantages include the offer of Distributed (Shared) yet Private Ledgers, with the use of “channels”. IBM’s systems guarantee authenticity and security of transactions

    Very Admirable!

    mobile friendly enterprise applications cloud based applications the general
    The General Package
    The General (excluding Artificial Intelligence) licenses for $AUD$574,900.00 per month per networkplus $AUD$176,900.00 per Member per month
    plus $80 per user per month for a Member’s users in excess of 350-multiplied-by-the-number-of-peer-servers-leased by that member.

    A Blockchain network consists of Members (companies, divisions within an organisation, etc). Each Member leases at least one Peer Admin Server

    Members split the Basic Monthly Licence Fee of $AUD574,900

    If you require Industrie 4.0 Standard (IoT/AI employing IBM Watson) we can still act as the core enterprise accounting application provider and Network Host, with you developing your Industrie 4.0 Project via IBM on our specific Blockchain

    Our rates are negotiable for support to ensure the success of such a Project

  • General and Mobile services such as Secure User Logins and Role Authorisations
  • Individualised Push Notifications (our on-phone Contact’s details reminders)
  • Server scaling on demand & runtime security services
  • Automated Access to Bank, Tax & Other web services
  • With The General, the majority of Backend Development Costs are on us. The Fees for initial Front End and Middleware development are as follows:
  • Per Member
    Initial Blockchain Development
    $AUD Per Member

    1 Year-Unit

    = “Project Resources and Superstructure”,
    (Human Resources provided by ITCSA following Garage Method),
    incl. 3 Build-Squads per Site, for 1 Year

    [Prices herein assume 1 site per member, but are adjustable]
    Mthly Pymnt Ea. Member
    post Launch

    Includes 1 Build Squad per site ongoing ..
    1 Member
    3.024M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    2 Members
    2.696M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    3 Members
    2.586M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    4 Members
    2.531M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    5 Members
    2.499M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    6 Members
    2.477M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    10 Members
    2.433M per Year-Unit
    of Initial Devel
    20 Members
    Requires second Project Phase
    10 Members is 1st Phase member-limit



    Productivity for Lease

    with Generalised Functions that can be Adapted

    chubba morris


  • Do you have an idea for a commercial Business Network for which you could envisage a Front End App .. if only someone had the “Backend” Accounting Database expertise you need .. ?
  • Guess What??
  • “We’re here!”
  • We are offering Licenses for our System, ‘The General’, an adaptable Enterprise Accounting Application Backend.
  • We develop on the back of a skeleton Angular App (which we collaborate on), generated (from our definitions and “chaincode”) as a generalised, powerful and comprehensive starting point for your Application.
  • The Front End that we adapt from base code generated by The General Blockchain (having adapted it to your needs) accesses the Blockchain Ledgers via Backend API’s, connected to the Middleware
  • The Middleware – residing on your micro-app servers in the cloud – is developed by us (in node.js) to match the Front End app, acting as a sort of secure ‘bridge’ between front and back ends).
  • Your Front End, which we develop in collaboration with you, accesses these backend API’s to create, read, update & delete records (and query or search them) while controlled by the node.js transaction/contract functions’ logic.

  • ITCSA provides full support as per the Response-Time Priority Agreement, to ensure the success of our Project.
  • If you have the vision of a Commercial System or Network that is independent, sustainable & marketable, we will support its development according to agreements between you, the other founding Members, and us.
  • You will need sound commercial ideas and a viable Business Plan.
  • ~ $AUD$574,900.00 per month per network plus $AUD$174,900.00 per Member per month Licence Fee ~
    ~ “Your Network Idea. Members benefit. Customers benefit” … ~

    The General Package:

  • Adaptable, comprehensive Accounting, with Budgeting, Forecasting, Inventory, Payroll & much more.
  • Integrated Tasks, Reminders & Calendar.
  • Full Customer Relations Management System. Instant ‘Push Notifications’ so you can “place” infrequent contacts, as they phone you, from details recorded on database.
  • Uses a Role system to cater for different departments and levels of authorisation.
  • Your Tech Help and Support Desk will be available
    9am – 8pm Mon – Sat Sydney Time,
    offering help with your application, including report design and building
  • The General will be operating 24/7 all year long barring Technical Issues
  • Introductory offer: $AUD$574,900.00 per month per network plus $AUD$176,900.00 per Member Licence Fee (plus $80 per user per month for users in excess of 350-multiplied-by-the-number-of-peer-servers-leased).
  • “Software as a Service”. ITCSA and IBM provide a fully functional Backend, including an IBM Blockchain with ITCSA Ledger Code, and with Node.js App Server ready-to-start-developing in the Middle, included in the monthly Licence Price.
  • Being Mobile-First developers means your application will work properly for 100% of Use Cases on iOS and Android mobile tablet devices, and on desktop and laptop computers, and integrates communications, contacts, messages, emails, tasks, calendar, etc on your mobile phones.
  • Our sage use of JavaScript and its non-blocking input/output means your app is very quick
  • Customer Relations Management, Sales & Orders, Purchases & Orders, Automated Banking and BPay with Barcode-scanning.
  • Easy Connection to ATO for Taxable Payments Reports; stay compliant with SuperStream.
  • We employ the services of qualified, experienced and practising Accountants, Engineers and Sales People as our consultant “Beta-Testers”, in a continuous feedback process. We are constantly tuning the application and database.
  • You may assess the services we provide, using the full extent of the functionality attached to the (free, non-obligation) “Initial Sandbox Trial Period” (1 month) in order to become fully aware of what we are offering, that is, after The General is launched.
  • Inexpensive, Reliable: OPEN SOURCE– & CLOUD– BASED
  • The modern ability to “spin up” cloned servers automatically upon demand means the application is instantly scalable, preventing slow and blocked systems
  • Please refer to “Productivity Gains and Better Targeted Marketing” for details of The General’s Services
  • See also Mobile First Development for further details..
  • With over 100 individual Use Cases
  • The General’s here to stay too.

  • Email:
  • IT CloudSolutions Australia