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general enterprise accounting


  • Contact Details Reminders Check out our brilliant context-sensitive software device for mobile smart phones. You’ll never forget a contact again. Just tell the system the items on record to remember about your contact, when you are registering them. When they ring, even years later, you will be reminded on-phone. This feature can be easily disabled for regular contacts.
  • iOS and Android mobile devices are fully integrated with The General right down to SMS, email, contacts, calendar and tasks, to say nothing of every use case in the package
  • better targeted marketing
  • We operate a Linking Service, so that people who register interest in your or your customers’ goods or services (or people who buy) at external websites can be easily included in appropriate eCommerce as necessary, and in ethical e-marketing communications that you or your Enterprise-Customers send via sms and/or email..
  • easy payroll
  • Automated, electronic Payroll, including leave, tax and super, driven by employees’ own interface. Commission payments driven by Sales
  • “Yes! The General does Sales”
    Whether it’s Customer Relations based, or web-based; wholesale or retail; we handle Sales Orders, Invoices or Charging, and Receiving Payments (incl Banking and Bookkeeping). We also offer a Point of Sale interface which performs automatic bookkeeping. The General copes with Dispatches /Q.C. and Tracking.
  • Simple compliance with STS, SuperStream and ATO


    mobile friendly enterprise accounting


  • “Yes! ‘The General’™ does Inventory/ Stock/ Purchase Orders/ Delivery Tracking & Inspections/Q.C.
  • Automated Banking and Bill-Paying with Barcode Scanning & Bank Web Services.
  • Integrated Tasks and Reminders.
  • Electronic, Mobile-Networked access.
  • “Yes! All aspects, including the Accounting ‘Block ‘n’ Tackle’™ (© IT Cloud Solutions Australia) plus a Business Process Layer (Auditing & Performance-Tracking), in a serious package at a low price.”

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    TM Registered

  • The Business Process Layer allows for recording, tracking and analysis of each software business process (by logging the relevant “milestones” of every process which is commenced, from the long term to the very shortest term processes). This means a new worker can continue any/all partly completed jobs. It also means auditing is simple, and analysis of business performance is enhanced. More fundamentally, the Business Process Layer allows the Blockchain and Database to perform most of the data processing, leaving the App Server to look after Service Request Routing for Users.
  • Interactive and fully integrated Budgeting and Cash Forecasting
  • Project/Factory: Job Estimating, Planning, Scheduling and Q.C.
  • Generalised Asset Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Inspection & Response
  • Top-level Management Dashboards
  • Handles Landed Cost including Foreign Currency and shipment tracking
  • Commodity-Trading Blockchain Networks possible!

    Services & Service-Industry-Suppliers: Trading Blockchain Networks possible!!

    Items (Goods and even complex Products)-Leasing, Trading and Distribution Blockchain Networks are possible!!!

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  • Full Accounting capabilities:
  • All accounting functions occur on a BlockChain
  • General Invoicing; General Payments Received
  • Bills Received & Bills Paid with barcode scanning and automated Batch BPay/Other payments facilities
  • Automated Charging, Receiving and Accounting for Payments via Bank Web Services
  • Automated Electronic Bank Reconciliations
  • Straightforward, effective Supply-Side Operations
  • Automated (Overridable) Inventory Management
  • 130 ++ top-level functions or “Use Cases”….and, Yes!, our primary concern always lies with data security. Within The General,

  • clients (Users Authenticated at login) have access to activities and associated data according to Roles
  • The Client/Role system allows a client to possess more than one Role where necessary
  • The registered organisation’s nominated CIO has control over clients and roles, post-registration. Assistance is always available with these processes
  • See the Security page for more detail on General Data Security.
  • ~

    ‘Infiniflex’ Business Reporting: What Strategy?

    personal tech help

    Steer your Business better with ‘Infiniflex’ Business Reporting. Puts you in the Business Reporting driver’s seat. Assistance with the Designing of Reports (and any other aspects of the application) is available from the Tech Support Desk 9am to 8pm Mon-Sat Sydney Time.

    * “Better Targeted Marketing” only where appropriate and possible.