In order to ..

Provide  top quality, fully supported, risk- and cost- controlled  I.T.  solutions to enterprises,

We use our Resources; Human, Technical & Financial,
“To stay at the peak of SaaS-Provider Value-to-Customers”
SaaS: “Software as a Service”


Services Include:

    • Engaging customers in an “Agile Development Process”, where you have the final say on pass/fail/rework-Status of each Module as it is submitted by our Development Team. Access to test facilities is via simple, secure web portal
    • Each Package fully integrates all modules down to financial (or other) transaction level
    • We insist on employing IBM Blockchains as the basis for our Accounting Journals
    • Sales and order-tracking, Purchases and order-tracking, Inventory/ Stock
    • Full CRM tools; + Payroll powered by employees’ own Interface + Comprehensive Business Process Tracking Layer
    • Charging and Invoicing, Electronic recognition & accounting for Revenue using Bank Web Services (machine-to-machine), Bills Received and Bill Payments (including barcode scanning, Batch BPay and other transaction types)
    • Factory Process Scheduling, Recording, Quality & Control Systems and Interfaces
    • Simple, automated GST, PAYG, BAS, Group Certs, Superannuation
    • Automated Banking: Regular Receipts and Payments via XML statement exchanges using web services. Your application looks after connecting, cross-loading data to/from Banks, and doing the bookkeeping
    • Master Ledgers incl Trust Accounting and Tenants Ledgers; provision for Group Companies and Cost Centre Accounting by using a 3-tiered “Class” System in each transaction. No limit on number of individual classes in any Tier. Provision for increasing number of Tiers upwards from 3
    • Provision of recording, response, scheduling & inspection systems (eg Repairs and Maintenance, Asset Management)
    • Project and Job Estimating and Scheduling
    • Landed cost and shipment tracking
    • Automatic JIT Inventory Management
    • Foreign Currency capacity
    • Supply-side: Automated checking of credentials; Licences, Insurance, etc
    • Sleek Top-level Management Dashboards
    • Mobile Phone is Integrated with Entire Application, including 100% of application-based Activities, real-world Tasks Planning and Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, Mail, SMS
    • Individualised, context-sensitive ‘Push’ Notifications to remind you of the caller’s details (if set as ‘required’ – eg less frequent callers)
    • Targeted and Ethical e-Marketing with our Linking Service
    • ‘Infini-Flex’™ business reporting and intelligence (OLAP). Puts you in the Reporting Driver’s Seat.
    • Assistance with report design and building is available through our Tech Support Desk
    • Centralised or distributed databases with secure web-application interface
    • Mobile database access for 100% of Use Cases from Android and iOS Native Apps – available free to download from app stores
    • Fully integrated & interactive budgeting & cash forecasting. Reports export to & import from Microsoft Excel™
    • Database design and implementation using PostgreSQL™ (the database program), including a Business Process Layer for tracking, auditing and analysis. Business Process Layer records each process “milestone”, from long term to very short term proccesses alike
    • Multiple levels of security using a number of protocols including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Unix™ based servers secured with Kerberos and military-strength SE Linux. We comply with or exceed ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
    • Seamless cross-loading of legacy Data
    • Standard (Mon-Sat 9-8 Sydney Time) or Premium (24/7) Live Support
    • 24 x 7 x 52 Operation
    • No Training Needed. Applications are user-friendly and intuitive. Tech Support Desk offers assistance with report design and building, and any other issues, removing the need for your own IT Officer
    • We are SaaS (Software as a Service) Providers – Development Co$t Negotiable – … Note that Alliances of similar Businesses can save a lot of money and enable otherwise unaffordable solutions! It is possible for us to be flexible enough to encompass your requirements – right across your alliance – in one database or several, centred or distributedONGOING PRICE: $AUD 90.00 per User per Month (Industry-Specialised).Contact Us to negotiate development costs. All our systems include permanent tech support for all clients. There is a General Standard Enterprise Application available soon for $AUD 28.50 per User per Month (Standardised, “One size fits all”. Including Sales/CRM, Payroll, Inventory, e-Marketing and much more). ITCSA will soon also offer a Real Estate Enterprise Application for $AUD 60.00 per User per Month.