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Our software is based on the ultra secure and revolutionary Elastos Distributed Blockchain System. You may see our Security page for further details regarding the Elastos Smart Web and its strengths.

In the Deal Room you can register and with approval, gain access to our Pitch Deck, then after discussions, our Business Plan.

Basically we are attempting to raise $2.25 mill AUD to complete development of Chubba Morris/convey-IT/Cheirrs. The 2.25 million will secure a 33% share in the company, with an expected Return Rate for the 2.25 mill (ie 33% Share) being 44.25% per annum across 6.5 years. The future also bodes well. Firstly, some of the major drivers of large profit are the potential prices in the Land Title Registration Market (for our convey-IT). Gross Revenue from Land Title Transactions alone, for our company, is predicted to be increasing by at least $33,000 each month, continuously, on the back of sales to Solicitors. Further, our company specialises in building and deploying Enterprise Accounting Distributed Applications on BlockChains, and as such we are experienced in building databases and in working with teams of front end and middleware developers, employing formal plain english use case descriptions, screen mock-ups and data-maps, to convey our requirements.

We have completed coding of the databases (in C++) for Cheirrs and Chubba Morris (& therefore for convey-IT), ready to deploy on an Elastos SideChain of our own. The Middle-Ware and Front End UI’s require coding in JavaScript. We are currently preparing to code a pilot, and very fundamental Use Case (the Accounting System). We will soon be able to demonstrate this working Use Case from its Front End GUI (in this case the Accounting Journal), through to Back End database information storage, following the rules for multi-party Transactional Accounting.