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A simpler, more efficient Cloud solution to your Accounting, Planning and Reporting needs!

“Save Time    Less Effort    More Control”

100% Mobile-Friendly Integrated Secure

@IT CloudSolutions 

We are Intelligent. We are different. We take advantage of the value of open source software tools, packaged with security and the needs of real companies in mind, and turn it into a quality, lean and low cost IT solution for your Enterprise, usually deployed to a high-security node in the Cloud. Your application is accessible from your office, in the field, around the world.

All Applications Include Personal Tech Help

@IT CloudSolutions 

  • We develop Enterprise Accounting Applications
  • Small to Medium-sized Businesses
  • Tech Help Desk open
    9am – 8pm Mon – Sat Sydney Time
  • “We design and implement Databases.”
  • “We specialise in the Integration of your business IT.”
  • So much more than just accounting
  • “All based around your existing business rules and procedures.”
  • There will usually be no need to have your own I.T. personnel..just JavaScript enabled desktop and laptop computers (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). We do the rest!
  • We provide our Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Standard & Premium Support available
  • Please see
    Mobile First Development
    regarding the Nature of our Organisation
  • IT Cloud Solutions integrates with GMail; Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.

    integrated applicationgoogleintegrated application

  • “We are Security Audited, we implement Fraud Prevention measures in our applications, and neither the database admins nor the “superuser” has unaudited READ or WRITE access to any customer’s proprietary data.”
  • IT Cloud Solutions has facilities for and fully cooperates with customers’ Financial and/or Security Audits


“BACK END” – the Parts in the Cloud
Database Server, BlockChain and AppServer

database application cloud database accounting database IBM cloud database
  • Database Servers by Postgres
  • Business Processes Co-ordinated in “The Business Process Layer” © in Plpgsql by IT Cloud Solutions Australia 2016-2017
  • Application Servers in Node.js on Linux © by IT Cloud Solutions Australia 2017
  • Core Accounting Functions via the ‘Block ‘n’ Tackle’ © in JavaScript by IT Cloud Solutions Australia 2011-2017
  • ChainCode in JavaScript © by IT Cloud Solutions Australia 2017

Client Applications – the part residing on your device

application for realtorsbest real estate customer relations management

We target multiple platforms with one code base:


home sales residential sales iOS



android apple mac Windows

SENCHA Ext.js: One Code Base for Mobile + Desktop.

Open the door to more effective working…

“We and you get together and define the Use Cases (the range of things you want the system to do, in your own terms). We get the database organised, checked and rechecked. We get the cases encoded. You are at the helm of trials as every unit is completed. et Voila! The Key is Turned.”
Remember that Alliances of similar Businesses can save a lot of money and enable otherwise unaffordable solutions!