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A Realtor’s Dream
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Personal Tech Help Included


   Meet Milo, the guy with the Hard Hat and spanner.
He’s our mascot – helping us build our flagship Chubba Morris

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The Chubba Morris Package
  • General and Mobile services such as Secure User Logins and Role Authorisations
  • Access to our Cheirrs © Database
  • As Chubba is our Flagship, the Development Costs to Real Estate Agencies are on us!
  • (Contact us about Development Fees to Community Housing Providers)
  • REAL ESTATE for Sale or Lease

    increase sales

    Productivity Gains
    Better Targeted Marketing

    The Chubba Morris Package:

  • Real Estate Property-Based
  • ‘Multi-Tenant’ package (in a different sense)
  • Employs a Common Database System,cheirrs [© IT Cloud Solutions Australia]
  • Uses a Role system to cater for both Real Estate Agencies (REIRRS) and Community Housing Organisations (CHEIRRS) (each being sets of ‘tenants’ on our system)
  • Inexpensive, Reliable: OPEN SOURCE– & DEVICE– BASED
  • Being “Mobile-First” developers means your application will work properly for absolutely 100% (guaranteed) of Use Cases on iOS and Android mobile devices, and on desktop and laptop computers
  • Our sage use of JavaScript and its non-blocking input/output means your app is very quick

  • The modern ability to scale-up on Elastos upon demand means the application is always responsive, preventing slow and blocked systems
  • Please refer to “Productivity Gains and Better Targeted Marketing” for details of Chubba’s Services
  • See also Mobile First Development for further details..
  • With over 300 individual Use Cases

  • chubba morris

    mobile app


  • Your Tech Help and Support Desk will be available
    9am – 8pm Mon – Sat Sydney Time,
    offering help with your application, including report design and building
  • Chubba Morris will be operating 24/7 all year long barring Technical Issues
  • “Software as a Service”
  • We employ the services of qualified, experienced and practising Real Estate Agents as our consultant “Beta-Testers”, in a continuous feedback process.We are constantly tuning the application and database.

  • You may assess the services we provide, using the full extent of the functionality attached to the (free, non-obligation) “Initial Sandbox Trial Period” (1 month) in order to become fully aware of what we are offering, that is, after Chubba Morris is launched.



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